Can I tell my progress bar the number 50 = 100% ? And how ? (plugin progress bar)

It’s all in the title I think.
I put a photo so you can see a bit more.

In this example, I would like that the 50 calls is an equivalent to the 100% of the progress bar.

I am new to bubble, so sorry if the question was already answered. Thank you to take the time to read me !

Thank you !

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Do search for Calls:count/50*100:ceiling

Example 20 calls / 50 total = 0.4 * 100 = 40%

25 calls / 50 = .5 * 100 = 50%


100/50*2 would be 12 percent.

In this case 100/50 * dynamic value

Or… 0.02*dynamic value

I dunno. I’m bad at math.



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Where can I put this data ? And I forgot to say that the number of call is a dynamic data because the user will have the possibility to chose this number.

Call goal = 500
Calls made = 100

100/500*100:celling = 20%

Ok thank you but where can I put this formula ? When I click on my bar I can’t find the place to put this data… Can you help me with a screenshot if possible ? It would be so great

Your data fields should be a number data type

which fields ? Can u show me a photo please ?

I am a noob on bubble… :slight_smile:

You need to complete bubble beginner training lessons… no one can break things down anymore than we already have…

Hope you get it worked out.

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