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Can I transfer my database?

Are we able to transfer our database from bubble to another database platform such as Xano, Backendless, Firebase or others? I’m asking because $1 per GB of data storage adds up quick.

Exporting the db can be done via csv. Or setup an api call for instance to xano and save to that db. I’ve been using xano for a bit now and enjoy it.

Quick note though about bubble storage, the only thing that counts toward the 1 per/gb is attachments/files. All other db model items such as text etc are unlimited.

Good because I planned on storing photos & videos of users in an external storage like BOX or somewhere else.

Sure you can, we can help with that if you need guidance or hands-on integration. Just ping me if interested

We are using Wasabi Cloud Storage together with the plugin from Zeroqode for one of our projects. It’s easy to configure and well documented.