Can I trigger a workflow when a user copy/pastes data into a field?

I have a url field where the user can copy/past a url. As soon as they do that, without having to manually exit the inout field, I’d like to trigger a workflow that moves the user to another input field. Is that possible? Thanks in advance.

Hi @GB44

Suggestion: Explore this action:


Thanks. I can trigger a workflow when the cursor leaves a changed field, but that requires the user to change focus. I want to change focus for them as soon as they paste a url into my url field.

Hi @GB44. U can try using instant text plugin to avoid the small delay that inputs have after typing something.

Creating a ‘condition is true’ that runs every time when instant text value is not empty → Do your desired actions → Reset group data + reset instant text

It would be something like this:



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Thanks! I’ll try that.