Can I use a repeating group to show content with multiple conflicting constraints?

I would like to have a repeating group that shows items that match either of two different options in an option set field. Is that possible? Right now when I set multiple constraints with the items matching the option from the option sets I get nothing. I would like to be able to set the repeating group to show the field = public and/or field = approved.

This is what I attempted and couldn’t get working.

Hi there, @paul13… because search constraints are and’s instead of or’s, what you are showing there won’t produce the desired result. One way you can go is to do a search where public = approved and merge that search with a search where public = public.

Hope this helps.


Hey Mike,

Thank you for your response. How would I go about merging these two searches?

In the repeating group’s data source, do the first search, add the merged with operator after the search, and then do the second search.


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