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Can I use Bubble for Native/ PWA apps

I’m brand new here and am trying to figure out if bubble is something for me.
I have made a few Apps for Android and Iphone in SiberianCMS and it is easy but still lacking to set up some things myself.
One of the things I need to have in my Apps is the loyalty program. Is there a place I can see how to make it?
Can I turn Bubble into PWA, Android and Iphone Apps, with menus (icons) that you see on the front page of most Native Apps?
My Apps need to be able to send Push notifications on Android and iOS
Regards Ole Heegaard

Hi @nanosalg

Yes to all your questions. Bubble is a web-based system, so you can create your app and put it under a ‘wrapper’ so it is compatible with iOS and Android with all the components you need. Welcome to Bubble.

More info for a free wrapper:

10 min. to create a FREE native app in 2020 > iOS :large_blue_diamond: Android with Bubble

Thank you.
Trying to follow your guide, but have no SETUP in the downloaded master file

You start fast! :slight_smile: There is a jasonelle forum if you need assistance and a help section for installation (guide).

Would you please share a step by step process to convert bubble app to PWA.