Can I use Bubble to build a form and create a PDF

I take entries for a kind of dog sport. I would love to have an online form where people can go and fill out the entry information. My issue is that the dog club I’m doing this in regards to is UKC and they require their own entry form be used.

Their entry form is not very intuitive so I’d like to build a form, it will need some logic behind it, and then put the results on the required PDF and have it be emailed to me and the competitor. I can recreate the PDF if needed but it would be easiest to use the existing one.


Hey @cynthia,

Check out the PDF Generator plugin, which uses FormAPI to inject data into a PDF template which you can export as a generated PDF however you need. :slight_smile:

Okay thanks, I signed up for Basic and created a little test application. But when I try to send myself an email, just to see if it works, I don’t get an email. I tried publishing it to live and that didn’t help either. Hm… not sure why I can’t even get an email to send. I’ve spent some time reading around the forums, looking at videos and documentation but I don’t see why, in the workflow, the Send Email option isn’t working.

Got to get that to work before I can send a PDF.

Hi Cynthia, have you set up your sendgrid account yet?

huh… now this morning the emails seem to be trickling in…?

I have not set up SendGrid… I didn’t know that was required.

Hi, the topic is a bit old, but I had the same problem, and decided to create an API and plugin to solve it : [Plugin Announcement]: Easiest and cheapest PDF creation in workflows (docx to PDF)

Basically it enables to create pdf documents with Bubble dynamic data (images, text, repeating groups) using a Word docx template.