Can I use Dynamic Types?

I have a number of different things - eg. name, address, birthday.

Each thing is its own “type” in the db. Each user has an entry for the type.

I also have a Type called “Information” that lists all the available types. So The Information table has entries for “Name,” “Address,” “Birthday.”

For a certain user, I want to show all the available types of information, along with their corresponding entries.

For instance:

User: Jane Doe
Type of saved Information: Address
Fields associated with Address Type: Street, City, State

My problem is I can’t dynamically define a type based on content in the page. So the Information Type is “Address” but I can’t dynamically set the type in any way when I want to show the next bit of information.

Does this make any sense? Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Hey there :wave:

I want to try to help, but I am not sure I understand fully what you are trying to do. Can you share a screenshot? I’m a visual person so it would help me understand what you are talking about. :blush:

You can share a screenshot of what you have now and then explain what you want it to look like.

Hope that makes sense. :blush:


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