Can i use "Working" deprecated plugin?

Hello Everyone :wave:

I want to detect the users online status
I am using this plugin

it is working as expected but it is written as Deprecated
should i use it or avoid it ?

Will it cause any security issues in future?

Hi there, @ZedtronicsAdmin… you can use a deprecated plugin, but if it was me, I would avoid it because I wouldn’t want to be in a situation where I am relying on something that could stop working at some point, and I wouldn’t be able to get support from the developer to get it working again. As to whether or not it could cause security issues in the future, I think that would probably be unlikely, but anything is possible.

Anyway, I’m guessing you know this already, but here are a couple of alternatives. I know they aren’t free, but I would probably use one of them before I would use a deprecated plugin. Or go with the deprecated one and switch to one of the paid ones in the future if the deprecated one stops working.


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Hi @mikeloc :wave:

I think i will do this for now…

Thanks :+1:

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Hey, thanks for the mention @mikeloc

I would say it’s really context dependant, but as a general rule: if the plugin works, it will continue to work as they’re usually not impacted by Bubble updates and the plugin code doesn’t change.

Deprecated often mean the developers have stopped maintaining the plugin, or that some parts might be broken.