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Can I view/edit plugins for my own use?

I am trying to understand how to create a plugin but I’m not really familiar with a lot of the specifics of how to use POST and GET though I do understand what they are doing in concept. I thought that if I could see how some of these plugins were put together it might help me understand a little better or at least figure out what I need to research. I am trying to create a plugin for Indico with some different functionality than the current one so if there was someway that I could see the configuration on it that would be amazing.

I’m pretty lost on this still, I have watched the videos and read the documentation for APIs and Plugins but I’m not sure what to do next.

I get this error

when I try and initalize this

It is all just sample data from Indico’s API docs at

An ideas or help would be appreciated, even if it just was just what to search for and study. I’m not even sure if the error I am getting is from Bubble or from Indico.

What would happen if you took the colon out after ApiKey?
The API is not returning an error, so I would use Postman and try and connect it, then bring it into bubble.

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Another possibility is rename it to api-key, as per their javascript examples.

That did it! I’m downloading a copy of postman too, it looks like a good, well documented way to test things. Thanks