Can it be possible to add "human check" to users' account information?

Hi I added “identification picture uploading” part within the singup form.
After I check that the user has given the correct information, I’d like to give users a permission to move to “my page.”
Could you please explain how I can create such systems?

I am thinking, that the users will be on a “processing page” before they are allowed to move to
“my page.”

I’d really appreciate with any kind of help.

You can use a service like zapier to trigger a messaging to you (example. slack) and in that message, you can have approved or denied links, which would redirect back you to the app, and if your logged in as the Admin it will go and change the status of the user to “Granted” and this will redirect the user to the “my page” in real-time.

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Thank you so much!!
I will search Zapier on plugin!!


Take care of the “real time” effect and the negative impact it can have on any user who would register at 2am. You would be able to sign off the registration at 8am, so the new user will have to wait for 8 hours. Not real time here.

Instead or in addition, you could add a “registration sign off” field (number or boolean) to the User datatype. When a new user registers and provides the required information, you create the account and you set the “registration sign off” field to “no”.

As long as this field is set to “no”, the new user can connect your app but is not routed to his “my page”.

In parallel, either using zapier, notifications or just a check on your users admin panel, you validate the user’s profile, you click on a button and the “registration sign off” field is set to yes. You can then send an notification email to the new user saying that jis profile is validated. When the user will connect again your app, as the field is set to yes, he will be redirected to his “my page”.

Zapier is a good alternative, but why would you need to pay for Zapier for something that can be handled 100% by your bubble app?

Using the API connector, you can send you a Slack message (or a twilio push or what you want) to be kept informed of any new user registration, so that you can be more reactive for profiles sign off.

To sum up, your use case is something often implemented in Bubble apps, and there are lot of options to answer your need. But keep it simple, and if possible, avoid any third party software to manage things that can be easily implemented by your own in your app - it’s my recommandation.

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Thank you so much with details!
I will try to make “registration sign off” field in the user type first, yes/no questions.
I didn’t know it could be possible by bubble itself.
Thanks so much, again!!


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