Can multiple things be created in my database from user input? (Based on spreadsheet logic)

So before I posted this I scoured the Bubble.Is forum and could not figure it out still.

I know this topic has been beat like a dead horse, however, something still isn’t clicking for me so I apologize if this is an annoying question.

I currently have my clients use a spreadsheet in Google Sheets to enter in tasks (things) that they do in their business. I then have them answer how many hours they spend on each task, if the task is revenue generating (yes/no), if the task is necessary (yes/no), if the task can be automated (yes/no), if the task can be outsourced (yes/no), and if the task is repeatable (yes/no).

As a project manager, this allows me to then assess these tasks in buckets and implement a road map.

Is there a simple way to allow my users to add multiple things like stated above?

Typically, these are done in rows and columns in excel. Here is a screenshot:

Again, I appreciate the feedback and this amazing community. I want my clients to be able to login to the app, add all the tasks they do in their business, hit submit one time, (not once per task) then be able to answer if the followup questions on each task. I like to batch these because they get done quiker, I have my clients first enter all tasks, then answer the first question for each task (is it revenue generating (yes/no) and then the next question for each task, etc…

Manipulating a list with the api workflow and repeatable groups make since, allowing the user to add a bunch of tasks in one go is where I am stuck.

This is how I setup the data type (Task) in the backend:

Hey mate, if your question is just ‘is it possible’ then yes - this is pretty basic bubble functionality. If your question is ‘how’ well that depends on how you want to design your interface in the broader context of your app. But if you have created a task data type with all of those fields then you just need to create the necessary inputs and workflows to save the responses. If your not sure how to do that then you may need to revisit some of the initial tutorials or check out some of @romanmg Coaching No Code Apps tutorials on Youtube (I found them to be the most useful free resource when I was first learning).

Good luck.



Thanks Brett!!

I was learning to much prior to implementation and missed a simple step, which is adding list items first.

I found another post where a member shared how to do pro-con lists and this really helped. Because in @romanmg vids, I was not finding how to create an initial list from user inputs, nor in the beginning tutorials. However, @romanmg had amazing tutorials on the workflow api and updating lists.

I just got the list building going and working. Thanks for the reply bud, and I agree, those YT vids from Coaching No Code Apps are key.:grinning:


@brett.miles @wesferrellx Thanks for the shoutouts, guys! Glad you’re enjoying the tutorials :smile:


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