Can new signups create a URL link as if it was a page?

Good day,

Hope someone can help. Let’s say I want to create a site that showcase artists.

Each artist should have a ‘page’ typically like a person’s Facebook page. An artist should be able to share their page link with others.

Thing is that I would like to create a group as a ‘page’ instead of a real page for every artist since this will make it easier to call each individual artist’s details from the database to the same group and edit only one group with time.

How do I make an individual artist’s ‘page’ shareable with a URL link?

I could be going about it all wrong. Please advice of another way I should approach this, if this is the case.

If it is better to create a page for every artist… How do I setup page creation once an artist signs up and how do I edit a 100 different artist’s pages at once later if need be?

This might be a non issue since the page will probably create a unique url for each artist’s profile.

Thank you very much.

When you create a page that is a “template” for an artists details to be displayed, each artist that signs up will have it’s own unique URL, it is up to you how to set up the display to be “clean”…check out sudsy plugin or search for some forum posts

example would be something like

doesn’t matter what the URL looks like, it will be shareable as long as they send the correct URL

You don’t need “groups” because each artist page will capture the data from that artists profile when you send the artists data to it

In the future when needing to edit 100 artists page at once you will do API workflow on a list

Thanks for the valuable info. Much appreciated :slight_smile: