Can one data trigger initiate another data trigger?

So I have a data trigger that sets up when a video object is created (when video before is empty), which in turn creates a post object. I also have a data trigger that sets up when a post object is created (when post before is empty).

If I make a post on the site through another method, the post data trigger works fine. However, if I create a video, the video data trigger works fine (creating the post), but the post data trigger doesn’t trigger as a result.

So I’m wondering if I’m experiencing expected behavior (one data trigger cannot initiate another data trigger), or I have something wrong that I need to fix in my backend.

Trigger Event - Bubble Docs

Second, triggers cannot kick off other triggers: if data is modified by a workflow initiated by a trigger, we do not check to see if those modifications are eligible for initiating other trigger events.

So in your case move your Create a Video-related actions to a custom event, and trigger that custom event from the different Database Trigger events to ensure it runs each time