Can one data trigger initiate another data trigger?

So I have a data trigger that sets up when a video object is created (when video before is empty), which in turn creates a post object. I also have a data trigger that sets up when a post object is created (when post before is empty).

If I make a post on the site through another method, the post data trigger works fine. However, if I create a video, the video data trigger works fine (creating the post), but the post data trigger doesn’t trigger as a result.

So I’m wondering if I’m experiencing expected behavior (one data trigger cannot initiate another data trigger), or I have something wrong that I need to fix in my backend.

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Second, triggers cannot kick off other triggers: if data is modified by a workflow initiated by a trigger, we do not check to see if those modifications are eligible for initiating other trigger events.

So in your case move your Create a Video-related actions to a custom event, and trigger that custom event from the different Database Trigger events to ensure it runs each time


You’re likely experiencing expected behavior. Here’s why:

Data triggers typically operate independently: Each data trigger is designed to react to a specific event in isolation. When a video object is created, the video data trigger fires and creates the post object. However, this creation of the post object is not directly reported back to the system as a separate “post creation” event.

Possible reasons the post trigger doesn’t fire:

  1. Missing trigger on post creation: The system might not have a data trigger specifically set up to monitor post creation events originating from video creation. It might only be looking for posts created through other methods.
  2. Circular dependency issue:If your data triggers are set up in a way where one triggers the other in a loop, the system might have mechanisms to prevent this to avoid infinite loops.

Here’s what you can do to investigate:

  1. Check for a dedicated post creation trigger:** Look for triggers specifically designed to fire on post object creation, regardless of the source (video creation or other methods).
  2. Review trigger logic:** Examine the conditions of the post data trigger. Does it only look for posts created through specific methods, excluding those created by video objects?
  3. Consider alternative approaches:** Depending on your specific needs, you might be able to achieve the desired outcome by:
    Modifying the video data trigger to perform the actions needed for both video and post creation.
    Implementing a single trigger that monitors both video creation and direct post creation events.

It’s recommended to consult your backend development documentation or team to understand how data triggers are implemented in your system and explore the best approach for your specific scenario.