Can only log in using incognito mode

We are experiencing a strange new issue after pushing to live recently.

We can log in fine to the development version of the main app, and the live version, but the white-labeled subapp on its own custom domain is behaving strangely.

You can log in to the development version, but when trying to log into the live version the following error pops up:

Sorry, your login session has changed / expired... please try again

I saw it might be cookie related so I tried to log in via incognito mode - sure enough, it works.

This same issue is happening to the other developers as well.

Has anyone seen this before and resolved it?


@melbournemarsden Try clearing browser cookies entirely or specifically for the link

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Thank you, that did work. We believe it was caused by changing the subapp’s domain URL slightly.

You’re welcome and stay blessed…! :wink:

Hello. I’m with the same problem.
My page is wordpress and I use Bubble just in a calculator.
When the user click, its occour, but just in devices.
Someone know how to fix?

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