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Can somebody tell me how I make my app mobile friendly?

Dear Bubble users,
How do I make my bubble app mobile friendly?
Where can I rearrange everything?

You can start reading this post : 10 min. to build a free iOS / Android native app with Bubble :large_orange_diamond:

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I will tomorrow morning after my emails. thanks

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Thanks John for helping me
It makes life simpeler for me. Bubble is still new for me

Check DNS thing inside Bubble settings. Something has changed or some internet glitch. Wait. If nothing, try [email protected]

HI John,
I 'm an absolute beginner. I bought a template and chenged it and linked it to my website. Now I need my bubble app to work on android phones. What is most simple? Jasonelle or BDK native in the box? I 'm bad with bubble. It’s difficult for me…and java is a disaster with me. So wich to choose? If I choose Jasonelle? Wich download? Below a print screen. Is this what you mean with step 1 (Download the executable files:iOS (Xcode) [iOS for Bubble ])( or Android (Studio) Android (grtz

or here? To be unesd…i have no idea what I’m doiing
Please help

Wich one here?