Can someone build a light bidding calculator?

Hello, I want to build a value add tool for my customers and validate the concept before using code.

I created a bidding tool in google sheets, very basic and the math works.

Basic Example:

I pay my employee $10 an hour

I need them to do 4 hours of work

The total cost will be $40

So, the questions are the same and the user just inputs a couple data points and the final cost comes out the other side.


Are you asking is it possible to take two numbers and multiply them? If so, yes you can do that in bubble.

Just put two inputs on the page. Set both to numbers. Add a button to set a workflow. Could be to set a custom state. Set the value to input 1* input 2.

Then use text element to show the custom state value.

Here is an example of a conversion for entering a price and selecting the weight of a dried goods.