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Can someone check out my CAD and see how i'm doing (made it from scratch)

I just made a CAD for my server and i’m looking for some people to review it and see how it is. It’s still in the working and i’ve been working on it for about a month now.

It looks great!
(Is there a way you can make me a cad like that ?)
Dm me gamerboilive#9456

Just added you

Add me Coleton#1006

I would love to check it out, using SonaranCAD right now but their updates keep breaking stuff - b1zanat0r#8417

This is an old post. Well, in my eyes. But, here is my opinion.
Your Index page (login page)
The index looks simple. But this is not bad at all. It’s not oversimplified but it’s not over made. It’s perfectly centered and looks great! Simplicity is sometimes key. Although there is a little mess up. I use 1920x1080. On the left of my screen there is a little white bar where I can see the real background and not the image. That needs fixing. Also, when logging in the bubble on the bottom to show you’ve logged in to me needs to be in the eye view of let’s say the login box or on top of the browser. It looks cleaner. But, it is your CAD and how you do it is all up to you.

Main Page (Home page)
I have personally never seen a single community nor company add a button to show that there is open places for a department. On a website anyway. Most of them are on discord and to me it is best to have it on a website. It’s there and it’s clear. Love that. Obviously, you need to work on all departments. It’s unfinished but the way the CAD looks I won’t hope. Yet, I know it’ll look good. With the account info I have a small suggestion. You could add a repeating group and show which departments that user has going on in their account. That’d be good. Other than that once again simple and good. Identifiers are looking like they’re meant to (admin panel i am unable to access of course but hopefully that looks good) and requesting departments is simple. Also lovely.

I am limited on speech here. There isn’t much I can talk about. The civilian page though. Very simple again. Looks good. Has everything included.

In conclusion. I see this CAD being used in communities. The simplicity is amazing and even using them while in a roleplay situation I can see it being very easy to quickly hop onto the page and do what’s needed. I hope you well. I love the CAD!

Thank u so much for reviewing all this for me and writing back to me. I’m so glad u like it and u writing that motivated me a lot to do a lot more stuff! Thanks again

Thank u so much for reviewing all this for me and writing back to me. I’m so glad u like it and u writing that motivated me a lot to do a lot more stuff! Thanks again

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If you need any help just ask me here Vexx#9072

Ight thanks!

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Woah. Hello old friend! Glad to see you’re still on the bubble forums. This is my first time on here in over a year. Just randomly came upon this :joy:

PM Me?? @ SplashRP#9912

Hey my freinds rp server needs a cad to use, ill give u my discord: BlueMoto53#9858

Please dm me as soon as possible… ill give u his dizzy if u dm me pls get back to me

yo hmu if you or someone else you know can make me and my freinds server

Give me the correct discord account please. I can’t add you unless I have the correct discord. Thanks