Can someone create me a CAD/MDT System please

need as soon as possible please and if u can can you send me the link on discord Elexify#9154 wont be adding anyone unless they reply with proof

Welcome to Priz

Priz Solutions is a leading provider in CAD/MDT, script developing, and graphics creating. Looking for the best customer service? Look no further. Looking for originality? Look no further. Need a script for your FiveM server? Give us a shout! We look forward to hearing from you!


Demo Link

You can register an account and it will automatically set you as the owner and grant you access to the different department types.

All of the information in the admin page has been disabled, meaning no buttons actually work. This is to avoid anyone maliciously attacking. Also, emails have been hidden, so do not worry about using an actual email.


We sell the Afterthought 2.0 system in two different ways. If you want to pay for it all upfront, we offer a one time fee of $50 and your front-end system will be up constantly.

If you would like to pay a smaller fee, we also offer monthly payments. The monthly payment is only $5 a month.

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Hello thomas01palmer, if you’re looking for a custom CAD/MDT, look no more! I’m the Co-founder of Vexx Distribution and we will make you a custom CAD or you can buy one of our custom public templates! The prices depends of the features you want to do add to your CAD/MDT.

Please join our discord server at: