Can someone give me a CAD/MDT

Hello, Just started up a Community and I need a Cad/MDT for free. I will work for the person who gives me this cad-mdt. By work I mean hel advertise them My name for discord is iiRandomLaw#7472

i can make you one

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@daledowell77 Can you make me one aswell?

I have a CAD/MDT for sale. Message me discord- Cole #9210

join this discord the will hook you up for cheap


Can you make me one?. Just send it to my bubble account email [email protected]

Join this they will make you one for free:

I can make you one complete from scratch with no extra cost. Just DM me or if anyone else wants one then contact me on bubble.

If you are interested in a cad/mdt for roleplay I suggest going to a trusted cad server such as Rogue Solutions. There are many things there for roleplay such as cads, fivem dev, vps hosting and much more.

Discord link - (

I need a cad for my server called City RolePlay

Hello, Learn To Make Cads was developed on: 05/15/20, By a group of developers who wanted to help others!. We try to offer the best / free help that anyone can offer! We are a friendly community that like to help one and other. If you need help with any cad / stuff then Learn To make Cads is the place for you! So come and join us no need to wait. We are waiting for you :). What We Offer:

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Our Discord Link:

If the link does not work dm me : ℭ𝔬𝔩𝔢𝔱𝔬𝔫#2478