Can someone help with scrolling problems?

Hey guys, does anyone know how to fix scrolling problems for a mobile view application? Regardless of what scrolling settings that I choose, there is a lag/freeze when I try to scroll up or down. Also, when I click on the “View Profile” button. it displays the group at the position of where it was scrolled down to. How can I get it to show the group from the top?

Can you share the workflow of the button? Maybe we can get a clue there.

@vini_brito the workflow for the “view profile” button is below as well as what’s set for the repeating group. The repeating group is slow/lags and is not very smooth. I’m only loading 3 rows max so I don’t know why it would be a problem.


When the content is loaded, does it changes the size of any element? Also, I’m not sure I understood what you meant by show the group from the top, you mean loading new things on the top of the repeating group instead of new things appearing on the bottom?

The elements scale perfectly. The problem occurs when you’re scrolling up and down. It will freeze for a couple of seconds, and then it will let you resume scrolling again. The “view profile” button shows a group each time it’s clicked but depending on the the repeating group element clicked (1-3) it shows the group halfway scrolled.

I get that you’re uncomfortable with sharing an editor link. Any way we can get a gif or video of what you mean? Ext. vert. scrl works this way, pausing before loading more elements, doing a page auto height adjustment, then allowing you to scroll again. Not sure why it’s doing it on the way up? And not sure why it’s doing it on Full List if all the data is displayed… Again, happy to help you, but I need a bit more context.

Anyway to share a link on a “hobby” plan? Couldn’t find anything. I’ll record a video/provide a gif in bit. The repeating group only is displayed when submitting questions that prompt matches.

Settings, General, “anyone can view” and if you don’t want to publicly share the link you can dm me.

The scrolling/up and down freezes and when I click on “view profile” fo the third option (Ella) it starts cut off. Once I click on “view profile” for Ella I’m trying to scroll up but you can see the lag/freeze time when I try.

Do you only have three data points? And are you keeping the rg visible underneath your View match group profile group?

Try this workflow when you click on view profile:

Display data in view match group profile group
Hide repeating group match’s parent (I assume it’s in a group. Ifnot try putting it in one. You’ll have better control over the display).
Scroll to index (offset 0)
Show group view mat group profile group.

Let me know if the problem persists. If the rg stays visible it might be causing the problem.

This video might help:

@thank you! That was extremely helpful. I really appreciate it.

Thank you!

So glad I could help. Hopefully you can take a tad of your time to provide the detail on whether or not that fixed it and if not, how you did it. Just so that other forum visitors with similar problems can fix their problem if they run into a similar one.

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Absolutely, changing the workflow around to show the view match group last cleared the lagging time. Looks like the order of the workflow mad a big difference.