Can the app roll back to the previous stage by itself?

I was working with the system yesterday evening. I made lots of changes by adding around 9 new groups to the main page of my single page application. I woke up today and noticed that now there are only 2 new groups from them. From this I can understand that during the night some of the changes were lost and my app was returned to the earlier stage. How is it possible?

And how can I be sure that it does not happen again? That the work I have been doing will not just roll back overnight? It there some way to make a backup?

No, it can’t. Or at least it’s not supposed to on its own.

I’d reach out to bubble support at

You can create a save point after each editing session

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Thank you! Where can I find this saving point function?

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Thank you very much! :pray:

Thank you! I wrote to the support. Hope they will answer me. Feel sad that I did so many things yesterday and today it was just lost. Maybe there were some problems on the server at Bubble and that’s why my app rolled back. But I am still scared. What if something similar happens and my app rolls back to the state of 1 month ago and 90% of my work will be lost. Anyway thank you for a quick answer.

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The situation you described is probably extremely rare. Hopefully Bubble will be able to give a detailed answer.

That said, I think support has restore options, but I don’t recall if they still can or how long.

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It is almost impossible. Never had such an experience.

I’ve had similar things happen a few times in a few years here on bubble. It happens but only very rarely and with no rhyme or reason it seems.

If you never had this problem it does not mean that it never happened to other people. You use “survivor’s bias”. It is a cognitive error.

How far back has it rolled back in your case? Several hours? Days? Weeks?

I think the most that I’ve ever lost was about 30 minutes worth of work

No, objective reality is a real thing and time only flows in one direction. Also, situations like this are what developer types call “reversions”. You somehow reverted what you had been working on.

Particularly at that point where you’re gaining skill in some system, but you haven’t mastered it, you might make a bonehead error and have no idea it happened until later. (And have no idea how you caused it to happen. But it didn’t happen via magic.)

Congrats on learning enough to notice you somehow effed something up. Your mastery is increasing.

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That sucks truly, but it rarely ever happens and when it does happen it’s usually not a Bubble issue.

On the 2 occasions it happened to me it was a network connectivity error (wifi got cutoff without me realizing it).

I now just make sure to reload my editor before finishing up Bubble work instead of immediately closing my laptop. If it didn’t save there will be an error prompt.

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likely a bad connection unfortunately.

Thank you very much! I will pay attention to that. :pray:

Thank you. That could be possible. Thought there were no warnings. But I will be more attentive about my internet connection. Thank you for the useful information!

likely a bad connection unfortunately.

Thanks to everyone! It was a bad connection. I fixed the problem.