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Can these be done in Bubble

I have spent the last 2 weeks watching videos, reading the forum post and the help files but i cant seem to get a definitive as to whether the following can be done in Bubble. I’m not asking for the way to achieve these, just if it is possible before i start to build the app. Thanks for looking at my post.

My app will be client based in financial services so we have a number of data tables on a 1:many relationship. I need to create a snap shot of the data of these related tables at any point in the process as a PDf and save to file.

Is it possible to manage email and calenders connected to office 365 but managed from within my Bubble app whilst being synchronised to outlook etc?

Can i allow my users to easily create email templates that they can then send as needed with merge tags. I have seen the video by Canvas on email templates and i guess i kind of need that set up but i think I’d need a canvas app for every different firm who uses the app so that doesn’t seem like a solution. Something similiar to Pipedrive etc.

Could i possible create a calling app, maybe linked to Twilio or other for calls and SMS

Could i create an omni channel messaging app, connected to FB messages, Twilio for SMS, WhatsApp?

Your thoughts appreciated.

A lot of what you are asking to be able to do is not in the base bubble, but probably available in the plugins section. I would look through the plugins section of bubble to see which of those features you want already have plugins made for them. If you know how to code in Javascript you should be able to code your own plugins (IDK how hard this is because I’ve never done it).

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All this is possible with Bubble :slight_smile: It is advanced stuff, but definitely possible :slight_smile:

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Hey look at this! If I’m understanding right this plugin does exactly what one of your requests was!

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Advanced stuff all definitely possible in Bubble :+1:t2:

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