Can this be done? KnockoutJS dynamic

I currently use Knockout Js to make dynamic websites. After doing some of the tutorials and looking around, I’m not sure this can be done quite as easily. Can this be done?



I’d argue making things like this simple and quick is exactly why people use Bubble

Yes, this is completely possible with Bubble. You would create two things (data types) Work Orders and Line Items. And in the Work Order thing you would have a field called “Line Item” that is a list of line items.

Then you would nest a Repeating Group (line item) inside of another Repeating Group (work order) and start creating the design and workflow.

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@tonyklar Did you have success with it?

I have an invoicing app and I´m having the same issue as you since using repeating groups is not a good way to do it.

Thanks :slight_smile: