Can this be made in bubble

I have created a job software that i want to use to make my business run smoothly. from taking job actioning timing and even invoicing jobs. i have a video link of the type of things i want it to be able to do and wondered if i would be able to make it in bubble?

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Based on the view, I think this is all doable in Bubble, also since Bubble provides you with plugins which make certain functions possible (life PDF-Invoice generator).

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on a scale of 1 - 10 how hard do you think this will be

10 for a non-coder
1 for a coder AND experienced bubbler? is the term? haha

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Ok how hard is it to learn bubble lol broad question but im quite techy

Hard to evaluate but maybe the easiest regarding the advanced functionalities we can implement.

I recommend starting with this online course:
Best investment (time and money) I made.

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i will have a look at this course thanks very much

IDK how to reply to your reply on my reply LOL.
Just watch some tutorials that bubble has, also I started with BUT BE AWARE that it will NEVER reply. I sent like a couple dozen messages and it didn’t bother to reply one! And I bought the most expensive option he has. Had access to all the tutorials.
So the best to learn is to actually build a clone of a system/platform like AirBNB or similar and then you will get the hang of it.
It’s not hard! It’s annoying when you get stuck, but so far the community was very helpful, so nice of them to help me.

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what you have suggested i am doing trying to build out something familiar thanks for your help

np. Good luck.

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Sorry it took so long to get back to you. When I’m in the middle of building/recording new courses it takes me a while to respond to students. Especially with some of the challenges I’m encountering in my new Bubble course :slight_smile: Check your email

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yep got a reply. Thanks. I just ignored it before I saw your post here, though it was a random message, like a reply to all messages, telling people about the new appointment system.
I appreciate the reply!