Can two people work on the same RG at the same time...?

Hi Bubblers
We were entering Items into our Item DB and had one person creating an Item with basic info (name usw…) on a laptop and another person selecting an Item from the RG Item (which toggles Item details) and uploading a picture. We noticed that when a new item was created while the item details were open and a photo was being taken, the photo would be saved to the wrong item…
So first i though it had to do with two people being logged in as the same user. But the problem continued even with separate user accounts.
My question: Can this be solved by
A. Setting a custom state on the clicked item instead of just toggling it open?
B. Using a popup to upload pic instead of toggling the item details in the RG?
C. somehow else…?
or is this one of those race conditions issues that can’t really be solved (if i understand correctly)…?
Many thanks

Not familiar with this exact scenario, but I think if you’re editing an item within a repeating group there’s always the risk that ‘current cell’s item’ will change as the repeating group’s list grows/shrinks dynamically.

Setting a custom state is always valuable to set a fixed value/list of values for ‘selected items’. If the details are visible when current cell’s item = this repeatinggroup’s selected item, then a changed list probably wouldn’t result in accidentally editing the wrong item. However, you might still lose all the details and have to start from scratch when the list changes, unless it’s autobinding (and I could see that getting hairy if the list changes too quickly). So I don’t think setting a custom state would fix your problem… Popup sounds like a safer bet to me. Just display your data to the popup and you should be good.

thx for your feedback : )