Can upload file but cant delete

So i made a simple file uploader that works and show URL and Filename in a repeating group. Added a trashcan to delete current cell’s file but not working. Tried getting around this but there is no hope getting this to work. Download works, also clicking on the url to view the file works. When I click the trash can the file is gone though but still shows as “available” in the repeater. Strange…

I’m not sure how the repeating group is set up, but it looks to me like each cell has one file, but in Step 3 of the workflow you’re attempting to modify a list of files. If you try changing that to Make changes to a Files (as you have it named in your database), then you might be able to delete that Files’s file.


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Thanks but when im trying to edit a file(or file url or name) i cant choose current file(from repeater) and i dont want to search for it because that would probably just delete something completely else and its pretty hard to sense the logic in bubble sometimes. Not sure how this would work. Look at my screenshots:

Here is another shot:

I managed to fix it, had to switch repeating group from “file” to “files” and then it gave me 9 errors that i fixed going from file to files or something like that and now i am able to choose the right strings to make it work and it works perfectly. Thanks :slight_smile:

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