Can visitors who are not logged in create a new thing?

Hi there!

I want users to be able to leave an optional feedback after they delete their account. However, this seems not to work, the feedback doesn’t end up in the database. Is there a limitation that non-logged users can’t create a new thing?


You don’t need to be logged in to change or add to the database.

Yes, unless its a user related thing on the database.
Example: to track the access on my site, everytime that the page is loaded and someone fullfill the lead form, it creates a thing on the database and even notifies me on my whatsapp.

If you still can’t get this to work, it might be best to share a screenshot of the workflow relating to the creation of the feedback.

To give an example of what could be causing this, I encountered a similar issue recently: I was making a change to a user field (a field called “user role”), then triggering an event to create a new thing under the condition that the current user’s user role was equal to a specific value.

The event was never being triggered and the subsequent thing was not being created because the previous change to the user had not been completed yet (even if you put something first in the workflow, it might not complete first).

So if you’re trying to create the feedback object under the condition that something else is happening, this might by why it’s not being created.

Thanks for the answers so far. Sharing a bit more context here:

I created a data type “User Feedback” with a field “Description” and “Feedback-type”. The latter is an option set so I can distinguish different types of feedback (e.g. bug reports, improvement suggestions, account deletion, and so on).

This is the workflow that is triggered when clicking the “Submit feedback” button:

Hmm, I’m not sure what’s going wrong here.

Just to confirm: step 2 (hide popup) and step 3 (go to home) are working, but step 1 is not? or is none of the workflow working?

And does the workflow for deleting the user occur before this? or does it occur after?

Yes, steps 2 and 3 are working.
Deleting the user occurs before this workflow.

It’s working now, even though I didn’t change anything. Maybe it was a bug.