Can We Sent chat transcript of a specific user to his email when he puts his email in the chat bot

Hi Everyone! I am new to, and I want some info regarding my project. My Client has a ChatBot created using where two persons can chat with each other he want’s me to add a feature that if a user puts his email in the chatbot his chat transcript will be sent to his email from where he can download it and can see it but I don’t get any article or tutorial regarding it kindly help me if you know about this.

Hi @HaasanFarooq :wave:

Make a Search in your database (constraining for the conversation you want) and, in the end of your search, choose the “:formatted as text” operator.

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Thank you so much. Is There Any Article or tutorial which I can follow? as I am an extremely beginner I don’t have much knowledge about also there are not many tutorials on youtube.

I created a very simple example so you can check it out.

To see my editor, click here:

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