Can we test simultaneously in Professional Plan?


I have a query around bubble’s professional plan. It offers us two dev modes but I can’t seem to test and dev side by side. Is it really possible or bubble doesn’t offer us this flexibility.


Hey @mohid,

Not 100% I understand your question. We have two developers working on our applications throughout the day without issues, well, for the most part.

It can become frustrating when attempting to test an action while another developer is actively working, as you must continually refresh the page.

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Happy bubble’n

Hey @newhorizoncode

Thanks for your kind response.
Well actually I am talking about the case you mentioned later in your reply i.e., If I want to test any action in the second dev mode and first developer is still developing, I cannot do it as I have to refresh the page every time.
If we have two dev modes I guess we should be given this basic functionality of testing an action while we are developing something side by side.

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