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Can you build Notion Like software in bubble?

I was wondering if you could create a notion like software in bubble and how would you be able to replace keyboard commands and detection of symboles to show stuff.

There is a plugin for keyboard commands. Everything else is simple. Just make a user flow diagram to cut out the basics for the MVP :wink:


I don’t see why not. But I’m not sure I would personally go down building such a complex application as an MVP. And I would have reservations about scaling an application like Notion on bubble. But if you’re up for it… you sure can do it :slight_smile:

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Notion is pretty simple to replicate. Depends how you take on certain aspects. I would personally scale up to 5000 users before moving off the platform.

p.s Bubble is getting faster by time, so perhaps this will allow us to scale more overtime.



Notion is actually fairly complex, however, my point is that Notion started as a note taking and a very basic wiki app. What you’re seeing today, basically combining Asana, Evernote, Monday, Confluence etc. into one app. is all part of them scaling . They have around 10 engineers developing the app, which of course is a very small team with a $800m valuation, but it’s well past an MVP and one dude on bubble. Replicating the full functionality of Notion of today as an MVP is not something I would personally go after. But if you’re up for it… I’d say go for it.

Scaling, in my mind, is not solely about speed. It’s about the logistics of having +1m users. There’s a reason few to none applications of that size runs in a closed system such as Bubble, and instead runs on propriety code.

To sum it up, Yes, building a fully fledged project management system like Asana, Monday, Notion, and so on is (mostly) possible on Bubble. But I would say, perhaps it’s not the best idea to start with. But perhaps I’m just more of a pessimist than our friend @nocodeventure haha.

And yes, adding keyboard shortcuts is the least of your problems in this venture. As nocode points out, there are plugins for that, which I am myself using.

To address the scaling part, you can integrate Firebase with Bubble, you can always have Bubble add dedicated resources to your app. The possibilities are endless :axe:

I’ll actually build a notion like app soon for the template marketplace if anyone is interested. Currently finishing first.

Interesting idea. I haven’t actually used Firebase, but my understanding of it is that it’s a Baas for mobile applications. Why would you use a code based back end with Bubble? The strength of bubble in my view lies in it’s no code back end. The front end building part of Bubble is a few pegs down from its competitors at the moment, in my experience. But no one can match the ease of use of Bubble’s no-code backend.

Are you building front end on bubble and building your DB outside of bubble? Don’t you end up with an expensive front end dev. and a substantially higher barrier backend?

As for dedicated resources, this is the big fire starter on the forum haha. Multiple threads about people paying through their nose and not getting what they need. I can’t comment on that as I’ve never had the need for speed. I personally don’t find bubble terribly slow, but I also don’t have any high workflow usage apps or apps with tens of thousands of users, so I’m not qualified to go down that discussion :slight_smile:

I think this repaircrm template might be a good reference for you to check. It contains a lot of workflows, especially with the ticket and checklist scheduling.

I haven’t explored Firebase, but it’s a scalable option. Bubble is everything but expensive.

It depends on your cost breakdown. If you’re building both backend and front end on bubble, it’s extremely cost efficient. And certainly on par or cheaper than other no-code builders.

However, if you’re only using Bubble as a front end dev tool and are relying on an external backend, I would strongly contend that there are several other, cheaper, solutions out there.

Ah that’s a shame. It would have been cool to hear what your setup with Firebase gained you. It’s an interesting proposition, I just fail to see the idea behind a bubble front end and a code based back end. I believe you need to have some json knowledge to work with firebase, but I might be wrong here. But it would make more sense to me to combine firebase with a solid front end builder, in fact it’s fairly common to use bubble as backend and a different front end, either built on custom code or used with a no code front end builder such as appgyver (which I’ve been toying with myself)

I understand you’re selling templates, and I’m not trying to step on Bubble or your business here. After having messed about with several competitors, I firmly believe that no other service today can rival Bubble when it comes to building an MVP. I’m just cautioning against taking on something that is far outside the scope of an MVP as a first bubble project. And learning from the bigger players on the platform, always keep in mind how you can scale your project or even transition off the platform in the future if needed. You might not, but after talking to a number of people who have either left Bubble for front end but still relying on its backend, or moved off the platform in favour of a proprietary solution, I would keep it in the back of my mind. Now go forth and MVP :slight_smile:

There is a demo from Zeroqode with the Firebase integration, and it’s pretty darn fast though.

You’re not stepping on anyone’s business, it’s your opinion and I agree that using Bubble for front-end only isn’t a good option. Webflow works much better for the front-end.

Nice, thanks, I’ll have a look at what they’re doing.

Good, good… didn’t want to create a bad mood and make you feel like I was beating down on you, it is the internet after all, a lot of nuance get’s lost in the bits :wink:


It is not notion. but notion like. the shortcoming I identified

  1. Lack of native support for rich text editor that enable mentions / hashtages and color them without regex.
  2. speed of autocomplete will be an absolute disaster.
  3. I have been playing with some features to test.

I am very advanced in bubble but bubble lack some of the important elements such as tables (not repeating groups) tables where I am able to dynamically pass the headers and content render accordingly. Some of these need to be natively supported in bubble. I have not seen the team add any real support for such elements for more than 2 years. Updates has slow down for some unknown speed gains that I have seen not have materialized from other people running apps on bubble.

How would one have a menu open at the caret (typing) cursor position?

Quite interested in that notion-like app… Any progress on this project? :slight_smile:

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My hands are tight atm, I’d love to kickstart this but it wouldn’t be earlier than next quarter/semester.

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