Can you change a PopUp from being "Reusable" to just a one off?

This seems a stupid question but I’ve got a pop up that I only use in one place but at the outset I thought it might be useful elsewhere so made it a “Reusable element”. This appears to result in my having to hit “Edit Element” every time I want to make a change and it’s getting tiresome not being able to flip between Design and Preview screens as easily. Is there a way to make it a “one off” element easily?

Many thanks, as ever, for some wisdom…

Hi there, @joefarrowsmith… to the best of my knowledge, you can’t convert a reusable element into a regular group. So, you will have to recreate it, but hopefully that won’t be too much trouble because you should be able to copy from the reusable element.


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Nice. Thanks Mike. There’s quite a lot hanging on this particular PopUp (I guess that’s why I thought it was going to need to be reusable) so I’ve been a bit worried about copying it but I’ll give it a go.
All the best

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