Can you display data only thru containers

I am new to bubble. Need to know various method(s) of displaying data on a page. As i understand , i have to use containers to display data. Any other way?

Hi girish, so, yes, you can use groups and repeating groups, or also pages to display data.

But you can also display data 2 other ways: using URLs and states.

  1. For URLS. On any button you can add the workflow: Go to page, select a page, And check the box send more parameters to page: here you can send e.g. text from one page to another, and tell your page to receive it.

  2. For states: on any element you can click it and click the i on the top right to create a state. This state you can then use to display data, in the example I can display this button’s user’s username
    To set a state use the workflow: Set a state, select the element and then select the state to change and what to.

Hope this helps; pm me if you have further questions.
happy bubbling,

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