Can you extract file size info?

Wondering if there’s a way to read the size of an uploaded file to the DB. Without messing with Bubble’s 50mb limit, I want to be able to read the total size of files uploaded per user to set restrictions. Client wants to monetize on their total upload size.


Hi @romanmg, I need that now! Have you find something or fix the challenge ?
What it will take to create a function to read the file info (size in Kb or Mb) @emmanuel? Any idea?
The actual audio player CirclePlayer can read that info?

We don’t have this feature currently.

What will be the Sponsor Price to do it? Like for next week @emmanuel ?

Reach out by email to talk about this. Don’t know how feasible it is with our current infrastructure.

Hi @JohnM, yeah, client decided to hold on any features that include reading file size so I never moved forward with it. If it ever becomes an available piece of data to read, it’ll still be quite useful I think!

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Any solution out there for this issue already? :slight_smile:

Yes, I think this would be very useful feature.

AnyTable’s ImageFile’s file size: bytes

A workaround could be:

After saving the file, retrieve the URL of the image and put it through a script that can determine the size from a URL. The result of which, you save to a field called something like ThisFile_Size.

I am going to try for a project where I need to make sure the preview is smaller than the actual image as manner of a data entry double-checking process to limit user-operational errors.

Hi, @mente12- old topic, but did you ever find a solution for this? I’m trying to extract the file size from a database image as opposed to one from a file uploader.