Can you have too many conditionals for a repeating group?

So I’m making an app where I have two dropdowns that associate with a repeating group.

Right now, I’m filtering the repeating group through conditionals, but obviously, with two dropdowns with multiple choices (dynamically set through option sets), I’m having to create a LOT of conditionals (like I expect at least 39 conditionals, if not more).

Is that normal/efficient? Is there another way I should do this? Should I create multiple repeating groups that break down the filtering into like 13 each because that would be less likely to slow my app down?

Just trying to think strategically early on. Any advice is much appreciated!

I try to avoid conditional data sources as much as possible…

In the vast majority of cases, there’s a better way to do it (sometimes there isn’t), but for sure using 39 conditional datasource doesn’t sound like a good idea to me.

I’d be willing to bet you can do whatever you’re trying to do with a single datasource (or maybe a few at most).


What are you trying to do?

That is definitelly not the way. Look into daisy chain, here is a nice guide

Awesome thank you!