Can You Help Test Our Dedicated Plan App?

Hi everyone,

Julian from Collective here.

We’ve been working super hard on a live events app for the past 3 months and have just taken the big step of moving onto a Bubble Dedicated plan.

We’re planning some 100 person events, but we need 10-15 minutes of your time if you’d be kind enough to jump in and test the app with us at the same time (simulating an event) so we can make sure it will hold up with 100 (or as many of you as we can get) testers. There will be a video streamed in the background, you can 1:1 message with eachother and even video chat!

If you’d like to participate, we’d like to run the test early next week around 10am EST.

Please drop your username below if you’d like an invite.

We’d be super grateful!