Can you help us? Civil app against youth lonliness and youth poverty

Hi, we are a small group of volunteers from different part of the world. We are building a civil sharing economy application to fight against youth lonliness and youth poverty all around the world. Currently we use LAMP stack/ruby on rails/sharetribe application, and looking for help to build and maintain and android/iphone app and put it to play market/apple market.

Recently we contacted bubble, and they advice was to write here in the forum, and find someone with great technical skills to build a bubble app. (According to Bubble its also a good opportunity for sharetribe replacement by using bubble.)

Here is a presentation about us:

Our operating model:
We are volunteers. We use open source and whenever we will find funding for this project we will form an international foundation and pay normal salary for our contributors.

Do you want to help this idea to grow? Help us to grow, and contact me anytime at hello (at) guidesurfing (dot) com

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Hi all,

I’ll drop you a PM :slight_smile: