Can you make an application like what i will describe?

So the website that I want to make is about teachers and students, they can both log in to the website, and there are course owners, course owner can add the teacher that will host live lessons for the students that have rolled into the course before the beginning of the course.
and each course the user finishes he gets a certificate, this is needed because other courses may need people with a certain certificate to roll in the higher courses.
anyway, my hard question is can you make portal owners able to change the template of their course pages(like the design of the course’s home page)?
are there any projects like this made in bubble?


I dont know if there are but anything is possible if you have people experienced with Bubble.The design can be changed by developers, why you need the portal owners to do that?
Hope to have helped

Yes, there’s a few ways to do it both pure bubble & with third party plugins depending how complex the pages need to be but it’s definitely possible.