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Can you modify API type field data?

in this example (using @Jici 's editor, hope he does not mind :slight_smile: ), we retrieve the data API as a list. but what if I want to manipulate the data of the NBA players list that I retrieve? E.g. I want the Players league standard → heightMeters, to be:

  • 0 if heightMeters <=2
  • 1 if heightMeters > 2

i.e. if I now have a text element with the dynamic expression “Current cell’s Get players league Standard’s heightMeters” it gives me either 0 or 1.

The conditions can be even more complex, e.g. depending on the value of another data field (e.g. if Players league standard → heightInches > 70 then heightMeters…)

hope I was clear enough. thanks again

If you store the data into an API Type field, you cannot modify this data from what I know.
Do you need to just modify for the display?

Maybe you already have some WF/Elements and you can share some screenshot?

hmm actually I want to modify for the database rather than for the display.
I.e. I want to assign points to a certain playerID based on its positionID and other characteristics. (e.g. if player is a defender (positionID = 1) and he scores a goal (goal_scored = 1) then he receives a certain amount of points.)

I could do this the other way where I store the API data in a database (see picture), and then I add the extra “points” columns, but, as you correctly explain here, this method is much slower and takes more space I guess in the backend.

So, the ideal would be to manipulate data on the source and then store the API data type, but as I see this is not feasible :slight_smile: .

So, if I want the API data in a table, so that I can later manipulate them, the only solution is to create a new database table that where each row is a API data?

But, sometimes this solution does not work, since, due to high volume of data, I get the “Operation timed out – app too busy” and the data practically fails to be transferred to the database. is there a workaround to this? @Jici