Can you please fix static image responsive sizing

I looked into the rendered HTML for static images and was astounded to find a helper(?) div inside with class “aspect-ratio”. I assume thats the placeholder for image height calculations cause you use a CDN? Still not sure why that matters if true.

Anyways, when dropping a static image onto a page, you would THINK that the image ratio is unset and basically the image just displays as intended either fitting max height or width of the parent div, NOT stretching.

But it doesn’t. And for the life of me I can’t figure out how to get Bubble to not stretch my image. I think this is all due to your Editor UX team not having someone like me on the team (that used Elementor for at least 2 years previously).

So I asked ChatGTP for some Javascript and it did well…

See my post here…

P.S. You really should have some Senior UX and Product people on the team building a few sites in Elementor (a WordPress page builder) to see just how MUCH better it handles object properties via Flexbox etc.

P.S.S. I’m a WordPress Pro and would join the team to help if there is interest in improving the UX of the Editor.

An example of how Elementor (a WordPress page builder) handles object properties below. As you can see its way more organized. I think you would see a good 20% increase in user happiness and efficiency if your team aimed towards something like this:

Soapbox - How Elementor (a page builder) handles the property window

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