Can you please help me make the thread title a summary (like ChatGPT🤖)❓

When you create a new chat in ChatGPT, type and send your message and get the ChatGPT response, you know how after the response is done the thread title turns from ‘New chat’ to a few-word summary of the first conversation? Yeah…

How can I do that on

Right now it’s formatted as a date (see in picture).

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

A guy on YouTube managed to do it but they don’t say how. They have a $150 plug-in but I don’t think that’d show me how. Plus I’d rather ask you guys for free before that :slightly_smiling_face:

Link to the video:

Well presumably you already have API calls for your chat function. When the first message is sent, run an extra API call that tells ChatGPT ‘using this first message, come up with an appropriate title’ and save that to a title field in the thread. Show that in the RG cell.

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You could add another step in your workflow to “summarize this conversation” when the user sends his first message and chat gpt response completion as the inputs to the API call. You can also set maximum tokens for this in the curl call and in the prompt ask it to limit to 10 words or fewer. Adding a counter on the number of back and forth messages can be useful, so that you trigger it only after the first back and forth message so that you’re minimizing the input token usage on chat gpt api. Chat GPT does something similar, if you ask it completely different after a few exchanges of messages, it doesn’t change the title of the conversation.

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Hey George, thanks for the response and I’ll fiddle around with what you said to do

Thanks for your reply Puneeth, I’ll utilise your advice and see if I can make it work