Can you replicate Trailforks on Bubble?

I want to replicate Trailforks which is an app to discover new trails. It is basically made up of a map and the user can upload a trail with a GPX file and then the trail automaticaly displays on the map. You can then click on a trail to know every info about it: description, images, videos…
I would like to know if it is possible to repilcate it, especially the upload part of it. Thanks in advance

Displaying and parsing GPX will be a bit of a challenge. You may need some programming here. Probably deploying a backend function in e.g. Google Cloud…
Also, I can see it is a native app which uses location even when the app is closed. Don’t know if you need this, but this is not natively supported by Bubble and would need some fiddling with native code and you would need to wrap your app into a native app, PWA won’t work.
However, I’m not saying Bubble is bad for this. It will save you time on many things from user authentication to UI, but you may need to seek some help with the things I mentioned.

Andrej @
Have a project in mind? Feel free to reach out, no strings attached :wink: