Can you see default Sendgrid data?

Is it possible to see your Sendgrid data (email limit, etc) when using the default Sendgrid option in Bubble?

Hey there @telaholcomb,

Are you talking about using the default Bubble SendGrid integration using your own Sendgrid account?

Hi johnny! I’m looking for a way to see how close we are to our limit (we maxed it today) in Bubble. If I set up a Sendgrid account, will we be able to see the data from the default integration?

How are you currently sending emails through a email or your own Sendgrid credentials?


Oh… interesting. I didn’t even know Bubble had a limit to the number of emails you could send. You might want to consider purchasing your own Sendgrid account, once you do that and connect it with Bubble it’ll tell you how many emails you’ve sent in your Sendgrid account. There’s no way to see it in Bubble I believe.

I’m a Postmark user, so not 100%, but pretty sure there isn’t.

Yeah, it limits you to 100 emails/hr and I guess we hit that during a live stream yesterday.

My plan is to set up a Postmark account but the default Sendgrid was the quickest at the moment.

How do you like the Postmark service so far?

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Love it! It’s amazing in terms of email deliverability it’s quick, nothing really goes to spam and you can send promotion/unsubscribeable emails

Also look into mailgun. Have used them for most of my projects. The free version is great for startups.

Not a big fan of mailgun because emails get thrown into promotions from my experience