Can you select data based on an elements name

I am creating a help system for my app. I want to use a popup group containing an HTML element. This HTML element is pulling in the code from a data type I have created that’s simply called Help. It just has two fields; Topic and Code.

This means I can edit the html without having to go to the actual page, which makes adding lots of help, and updating it really easy.

When the popup appears it is getting the HTML code from the Help data type and I am just using ‘Search for’ with a constraint of Topic = Whatever the Help Subject Is

This then returns the html code contained in the Help data type.

Is there a way that I can have it searched based on the name of the element. For example

Topic = Element Name

That way I can just add a reusable element each time, rename the element, and it would automatically pick up the correct record in the Help data type, or even better still if it was possible to pass through the name of the element that was clicked on. Then I could just have one help pop-up that would show help for whatever element was clicked on.

Hope someone can help me with that as it would make things soooooooo easy!

Lol! I just solved it myself.

I add a custom state and then had whichever help icon was clicked set the custom state to the appropriate topic.

The reusable element (i.e. the help screen) then just loads the help topic based on the custom state. That means I just need one help popup group on each page and it can handle as many topics as there are help icons.

I suppose it would be even better if the help icon could set the state based on the name of the help icon element itself, but that’s way beyond my capabilities.

Wow! Don’t you just love that Bubble is so flexible.

Now that I have finished congratulating myself I am going to go make a celebratory cup of Earl Grey. Go me :smile:


I can’t solve your last step, but your approach is very useful!

Would you mind sharing some screenshots so others can see how you did this? html element editor, html code example from your database, example of the rendered result?

Sure. I will try get that done one it goes live and it looks a lot neater (design wise) than it does at the moment :slight_smile:

Very pleased though, as it has saved me having to use a third party help tool or a pop-up tool, is easier to manage, and looks really great.

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