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Can you send SQL string to database to retrieve data?

I need to do this because the way you retrieve data from the database as is doesn’t allow for much in the way of connecting tables and limiting data extracted (e.g., with multiple where statements).

I see that there is a connector plugin from Bubble; however, it is not clear if this allows for sending an SQL query string to the database or just for external databases.

If this can be done, is there any support material (or video) in plain English showing how to do this? The documentation from Bubble for the plugin is way to complex and appears incomplete. The one video online is in German. Any help is appreciated.

This cannot be done. Bubble stores the data in a proprietary format anyways within Postgres so it wouldn’t be a straight query anyways (at least not the way you are thinking about it). You can connect multiple “tables” it just takes a bit of creativity in how you structure your Data Types and then subsequently query them using the Data Source builder.