Cannot add or modify any element in one of my pages

I can’t add or modify any element on one of the pages of my app. But only on this particular page.
I keep receiving the same message : “Sorry, we had a temporary error creating your new element. Please try again in a minute”. It’s been like that for the past 30 minutes.

Have you ever encountered this problem ? Thank you

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Does this problem still exist?

Yes, I still can’t do anything on this page

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When I copy and paste a text in the editor, I saw the an error like picture below

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Yep, exactly the same type of error

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It seems that there is a problem with the bubble servers, even in the plugin editor we encounter a similar error. :slightly_frowning_face:

Are you still getting the error?
The problem has been fixed in the plugin editor.

Still here for me!

cc: @grace.hong

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