Cannot create a new thing

Hi, I want to create save a input to a database, therefore making the logic in workflow. For some reason, I am not able to choose the input I would like to click as you can see in the photo. It says “incompatible type” . Does anyone know why this is happening?


The multiline input’s value is a text.

What is the field type of your advice field?

The screenshot is showing that its a text too… which is odd.
Are you sure that the Advice field you are referencing is the same Advice textfield that you screenshotted? You might be referencing another advice field which is not a text…
Are you sure that the MultilineInput Advice is actually a multiline input, and you didn’t rename another element like it by accident?

If you’re sure about both of these, then this might be a bug…

Whoops, I didn’t notice the first screenshot. My apologies. Thanks for pointing it out @nico.dicagno

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