Cannot create a thing from custom state list

I have created a custom state that is a list of option sets. When the user selects some checkboxes (options for a vehicle such as GPS, air conditionning etc…), the corresponding option set’s display is added to the custom state’s list. This worklow works fine.
What I could not find is how to modify a thing 's field (that is also a list of the same Option set) with the list contained in the custom’s state.
Here is my debugger showing that my custom state’s list is populated correctly:

Here is the way the DB field I need to update (with the list of custom states), was created:

and here is the way the option set was created:

I stuck at what to write after the "="sign in my worflow, to add the list contained in the custom state to the list of vehicle options:

Could someone point me in the right direction please?
Thank you!

Hi there, @cedric.kerbidi… if I am seeing everything correctly, the issue is that your Vehicle_Options field is not a list. So, you will need to delete that field and create a new one, and make sure you check the list checkbox when you create it.


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Thank you very much. It now seems obvious and that was the issue.

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