Cannot delete a data entry if one of its fields is empty

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to create a workflow which aim to search for a data entry (Province) if its Attraction field is empty, illustration below

And despite that the Attraction field is literally empty, this entry still exist

I created a text box that will show the Province name if the search command can find anything that meet the condition. Strangely,when I ran the workflow, the text box could not find this entry. But after refreshing the page, this Province name suddenly showed up in the text box.

Could anyone help to point out what I did wrong?

Thank you in advanced.

This is not related to empty field.

Do a Step By Step and check if your search return an item. Also, you can inspect each part (like current user) to be sure that the creator is the current user

Thank you for replying!

My search does return the expected result, but need to refresh the page after the first run. This is weird because in the first run, the Attraction field is already empty, yet no result show up immediately. Not sure if this is a bug.

Not impossible.
So this is working now?

I try to run Step-by-step debugger as you suggested and strangely, it does delete the item, after a few minutes for the blue loading bar at the top to finish. But if running on the app itself, the item remains! It must be a bug.

Check privacy rules too

I haven’t touched that, so everything is default. I found a way to work around this in the mean time, and already reported this as a bug. Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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