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Cannot deploy to live "we had an error deploying"

I’m in a bit of a pickle.
I switched to Firefox to get around the current issue of not being able to login as user.
But when I try to deploy some fixes I get this message and when I sync my changes are reverted back to the bug I was hoping to fix in live.
So I go back to Chrome/Edge and now I get this error message when I try to do the same deploy.
So my client is stuck with a bug that I have fixed but cannot deploy.
Any assistance will be appreciated.

I’m now having the same issue.
No replies here, have you contacted support?

Hi Ken
Yep, it’s happened to me again.
I closed my session, logged out and back in and the problem went away.
Good luck.
Cheers, Mark.

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Nope. The issue came back and I saw options on choosing how to fix it.
I selected to sync my dev to the production version and that seemed to fix it.

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yes, me too. I logged out and it went away.



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