Cannot display user email

I have user email which i need to display in my admin panel.
I can display other data types however i cannot display any values from default datatypes (Users).

Could you share a link to your editor? Do you have any privacy roles set up on the User type (Data > Privacy)?

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No, I have not set up any privacy roles.
link of my editor is attached.

Is this the dynamic data you are referring to?

If so, I think this should be “Parent Group Actor’s Email ID’s Email” (with Email ID being the field that links an Actor to a User).

Also, the expression below the email should be in a similar format for the current cell Actor’s mobile number. It was:

And I just changed this to:

In order for data to display, the parent group data should refer to the cell it is in (previously the data source was empty, but now it is Current Cell’s Actor):

An email will be displayed for the Actor long as the Actor’s Email ID field (type: User, list: no) is not empty, and is associated with a User account. Let us know if you have any additional questions :slight_smile:

In my preview email id & mobile number is not displayed, Please cross check let me know if i missed out something.

Yes, this is because the field “EmailID” (type: User, list: no) is empty for all Actors, and mobile number is empty for almost all Actors:

When a new Actor is created, the field is saving as empty:

If the User creating the Actor is the Actor, you would use ‘Current User’ as the dynamic data for the Email ID field when creating a new Actor.

If the User creating the Actor is not the Actor, and you’d like this person to just enter the Actor’s email address, you could change the EmailID field in the Actor data type to be: “Email” type: text, list: no. Then save the value of the Input Email to that field. The dynamic data would then be “Parent Group Actor’s Email”, instead of “Parent Group Actor’s EmailID’s email”.


Hello Romanmg I follow your vidoes on youtube I have a similar problem users in my data base all have unique ID such as and the unique are entered into forms as referral code, I want to save the referral code as email when a new data is being created

I have set this way but it does not pull the value

can I get help